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Prior to the real pandemic, I toyed with a thought experiment about a how people might adapt to a devastating plague - how they might create new taboos around physical touch and intimacy. With my newfound confidence from film school, I took that idea and wrote Treasure - the story of two boys lost in a post-apocalyptic forest.


Isaac has lived in the forest for many years after he was left to die on the eve of the societal collapse. One fateful day, he comes across Jacob, the only survivor of a bandit raid. Isaac nurses Jacob back to health and slowly the boys learn to lean on each other, finding love and purpose in the process.


Treasure was shot through collaboration and cooperation with classmates from film school and dear friends. Together, we trudged through the forest, constructed remarkably realistic forest sets in my living room, and created a beautiful love story that will last forever. I am immensely proud of this film and forever grateful for the helping hands it took to create it. 

Behind the Scenes Gallery

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