Treasure started as an experimental short. My old hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana held a contest for filmmakers to showcase the area as the perfect location for film productions. Being a smartass - and seeing the area as a wasteland, I created a post-apocalyptic story.  Using a borrowed camera and friends as actors, I cobbled together the first manifestation of what would become Treasure. Noticeably absent is anything to do with homosexuality. Living in the Bible belt, I tended to compromise a great deal in regards to my stories. Instead of speaking my own truth, I spoke a truth I felt everyone wanted to hear. To me, that truth, while virtuous, is nothing more than a platitude - "People are more important than things..." When it came time to shoot a more honest version of Treasure, I looked inward, not outward. 

Every year, the film school I attended offered a $10,000 prize to a student in the school of arts to produce some sort of project - whether that project is theater, dance, a fine art piece, architecture (for some reason), or film. Two years in a row, I entered the contest with Treasure- writing proposals, getting letters of recommendation, etc, and every year, I lost. After the second loss, I decided to produce the film on my own (with the help of my friends and crew, of course). Who needs thousands of dollars? 


I wrote the script (and revised and revised and revised it), commissioned a friend to create concept artwork, gathered and created props, my partner built a "tree house" set in our living room, our lives were turned upside down, and then during Spring Break of 2019, we shot the film. After spending the summer editing, we premiered the film on November 23, 2019 at 5th Avenue Cinema in Portland.

Concept Artwork

by Anna Katrina Gibson